How to get an Amateur Licence in the Northern Territory

On behalf of AMC Exam Service, the Darwin Amateur Radio Club conducts Amateur Radio examinations on an as-required basis.

Candidates wishing to become an Amateur Radio Operator can make an application to sit exam(s) in Darwin by sending an email to the club email address VK8DAor by writing to

Darwin Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 41251, Casuarina
Northern Territory, 0811

An Actual application form can be filled out on the day of the exam if not made available prior to the exam. We recommend that applicants visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority website to find out more about the current requirements for the level of licencing you are seeking. Further information can also be found in the links below which cover the various sylabus and assessment criteria from the WIA web site.

The WIA has recently released Trial Exam Packs for an Amateur License. These can be found on the WIA web site.

This means that AMC Assessors can conduct all levels of the amateur operators certificate of proficiency examinations, the qualifications for each of the three grades of amateur licence, with the candidates being sent the results by AMC.

The Foundation Licence Technical study book can be purchased from the club. The club has found that generally every one that has sat the foundation licence passes after some study of the foundation licence booklet. The club will be running practical training courses throughout the year as required. To nominate for the practical training courses please contact the club through the club email address or by contacting a club member.

Other helpful material

Contact us to learn how to gain an Amateur Licence and get on the air.
Subject to availability, DARC offers the following classes:

Foundation Licence Theory
Amateur Radio Operators Regulations
Morse Code

If you are self paced, the on-line Radio Electronic School is an excellent place to learn the material required to passs your exams.

Visit the online amateur radio school: Radio & Electronics School.

Amateur Callsigns

The ACMA have announced that University of Tasmania/Australian Maritime College (UTAS/AMC) 

Applications for callsigns can be made on the AMC website