Wireless Institute of Australia Weekly News broadcast

Every Sunday morning at 09:00 CST the Wireless Institute of Australia weekly news bulletin is broadcast from the club on the following frequencies.
14.337 MHz, 10.127 MHz, 7.193 MHz, 3.602MHz and the 146.950 MHz 2 meter repeater
After the broadcast callbacks are taken on each frequency starting on 14.337 Mhz and finally on the 2 meter repeater.

Station Radios

ICOM IC-738 HF Transceiver,
Yaesu FL-2100B Linear.
Alinco DR-599 Twin band VHF/UHF Transceiver.

Station Antenna's

Tri band Chirnside yagi
5 band vertical
80m, 40m, 30m dipoles,
Dual band 2m/70cm vertical.

Station Computer

The station PC is a donated 733 Mhz CPU, 192 MB RAM, 7.8 GB HDD, running Windows as the operating system.

The system has been configured to operate the following modes:

If there is any other mode that you would like to see, contact Feedback.


VK8RPD 146.950 MHz
Located on the water tower at Moil. The transmitter / receiver is a Tait T800 with 25 watts output. The antenna is a 6 DB gain dual-band antenna. This repeater is linked to the 438.275 repeater and also to the 146.900 Palmerston repeater.
VK8RDA 146.900 MHz

Located on the water tower at Palmerston. The transmitter / receiver are Motorola radios with 25 watts. The Antenna is  a 6 DB gain dual-band antenna. This currently requires a 123hz tone for access.

VK8RDA 438.275 MHz

Located on the water tower at Moil. This is a Motorola. It transmits approx 25 watts. The antenna is a dual-band antenna. It requires 91.5 hz tone.

VK8RWI 146.800 MHz

WICEN VHF - Located on the water tower at Karama. The repeater is a Kenwood TKR-750 outputting 25 watts. The antenna is a dual band vertical with approx 6 Db gain. 123Hz tone access required. IRLP Node6343

VK8RWI 439.975 MHz ( currently off air )

Located on the water tower at Karama. The repeater is a Phillips 815 with 20 watts . The antenna is a dual-band antenna with approx 5 Db gain. An access tone of 123Hz is required.

Club Broadcast liaison and General Use.

VK8VF  28.268 MHz Icom IC-730, 25w and 1/4 wave vertical
VK8VF  50.310 MHz Philips FM828, 10w and Turnstile antenna.

Echolink / IRLP

IRLP is accessed through simplex frequency 146.650

or can be switched on to a repeater as required.

Echolink is OFFLINE.