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Darwin Amateur Radio Club

Amateur  radio operators in Darwin form an interesting group who meet regularly to promote the interests of amateur radio and to share technical information and socialise.

Apart from pursuing our own personal interests, members of DARC operate Darwins' emergency radio network which includes personnel operating from cyclone shelters during an emergency. We also provide operators for organisations such as the Red Cross.

DARC is affiliated with the 

Wireless Institute of Australia

 and has about 40 active members.

There are dozens of other radio operators operating throughout the Territory who interact on occasions - for example, when there are emergency warnings, they are able to activate radio links and share information.

The Darwin Amateur Radio Club

is one of the oldest clubs in Darwin. It provides emergency radio communication in times of need, as well as flexible communication networks for major social and sporting events throughout the Territory. The club is the agency through which Territorians can gain their amateur radio licences.

The truth about space junk

By Mal Good | April 13, 2019

I’m a fan of ‘Conversations’ on ABC, with Richard Fidler (and now also Sarah Kanowski). This week (10th April) Richard’s guest was the a space archaeologist, Dr Alice Gorman. It’s a fasinating conversation with mention of Amateur Radio and the … Continued

Cosmonautics day/Yuri’s Night

By Mal Good | April 13, 2019

If you are wanting to try your hand at SSTV then give the ISS a go. tune to 145.800Mhz FM! I use a couple of Android apps, Robot36 for decoding the SSTV Image (P120 mode) and the ISS Detector Satellite … Continued

Test POst

By P G | April 9, 2019

Projects by an Introvert Communicator

By Paula Chappel | November 11, 2018

On Wednesday 7th November, Mal VK8MT gave an insightful presentation on some of the projects he has been working on recently (and not so recently). Allstar Mal’s main interest is Allstar which is a radio linking system. It is based … Continued


By Paula Chappel | November 1, 2018

The club participated in the 61st JOTA and 22nd JOTI out at Knuckey Lagoon on the weekend of 19/20 October. Some good contacts were made on 14MHz, the C4FM repeater as well as on echolink. As well as radio the … Continued

October 6 Fox Hunt

By Paula Chappel | October 6, 2018

Saturday Morning saw a hotly contested fox hunt with 7 members chasing the fox. There were some innovative aerials and attachments to narrow down the direction of the fox. Good work by Phil VK8VWA who managed to find fox for … Continued

VK8RR Portable

By Gary Gibson | May 8, 2018

Club Members Richie VK8RR and Paula VK8ZI  are currently mobile in VK4 But As you can see there are “NO FLIES ON RICHIE” Look carefully at the fly net!!  

Contest Calendar for 2018

By Gary Gibson | May 2, 2018

Asia-Pacific Sprint, SSB 1100Z thru 1300Z June 9 http://jsfc.org/apsprint/aprule.txt VK Shires Contest June 9 0600Z thru 0600Z June 10 http://www.wia.org.au/members/contests/wavks/ IARU HF World Championship 1200Z July 14 thru 1200Z July 15 http://www.arrl.org/iaru-hf-championship RSGB IOTA Contest 1200Z July 28 thru 1200Z … Continued

Award For Club

By Paula Chappel | April 23, 2018

DARC has introduced a new Award for the club. Rowan VK8RD will be the Award manager. To qualify for the award a station needs to contact 5 Darwin Amateur Radio Club members as well as make contact with VK8DA.  

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