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Darwin Amateur Radio Club

Amateur  radio operators in Darwin form an interesting group who meet regularly to promote the interests of amateur radio and to share technical information and socialise.

Apart from pursuing our own personal interests, members of DARC operate Darwins' emergency radio network which includes personnel operating from cyclone shelters during an emergency. We also provide operators for organisations such as the Red Cross.

DARC is affiliated with the 

Wireless Institute of Australia

 and has about 40 active members.

There are dozens of other radio operators operating throughout the Territory who interact on occasions - for example, when there are emergency warnings, they are able to activate radio links and share information.

The Darwin Amateur Radio Club

is one of the oldest clubs in Darwin. It provides emergency radio communication in times of need, as well as flexible communication networks for major social and sporting events throughout the Territory. The club is the agency through which Territorians can gain their amateur radio licences.

The humble half wave dipole antenna

By Gary Gibson | January 21, 2017

Many amateurs think that the half wave dipole antenna has a 50 ohm feed point impedance! From Wikipedia “A true half-wave dipole is one half of the wavelength λ in length, where λ=c/f in free space. Such a dipole has … Continued

What is so special about 50 ohms?

By Gary Gibson | January 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered why most of our Amateur Radio equipment is designed for 50 Ohm transmission lines? The following graph was originally produced by two researchers, Lloyd Espenscheid and Herman Affel, working for Bell Labs in 1929. The graph … Continued

Seanet 2017

By VK8RR | January 11, 2017

Richie VK8RR receiving the plaque for Australia attending Seanet 2016.Seanet 2017 will be held in Siem Reap Cambodia..www.seanet2017.com or email Paula at paulachappel@seanet2017.com VK8RR

From the hole in the ground to antennas in the air

By Gary Gibson | January 8, 2017

A series of photos provided by Tom VK8NTF that provides an historical account of the Club Installing our mast and antennas.        

Retuning cavity filters for the new yaesu digital repeater.

By VK8RR | January 7, 2017

N T Jack is back VK8NTJ

By VK8RR | January 7, 2017

The New Yaesu Repeater arrives

By Gary Gibson | December 18, 2016

A fitting moment at our XMAS gathering for the club to receive its XMAS present.https://www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wires-x/index.php The station Manager at work.. The excitement from the watching crowd ! The new Yaesu repeater VK8RTE is now running on 147.000 MHz -600. It … Continued

Special Event Call sign VI8BOD

By Gary Gibson | December 12, 2016

Darwin Amateur Radio club Northern Territory 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin – 19th Feb 1942 Active 0330Z 18th February 2017 to 1630Z 28th March 2017, NT Australia

Working bee

By DARC Committee | December 10, 2016

A few gathered today to do a little antenna maintenance. Click to see a view from the cherrie  picker. We also mounted the V H F folded dipole to the mast. Thanks to all the workers.

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