Welcome to VK8DA

Darwin Amateur Radio Club

Amateur  radio operators in Darwin form an interesting group who meet regularly to promote the interests of amateur radio and to share technical information and socialise.

Apart from pursuing our own personal interests, members of DARC operate Darwins' emergency radio network which includes personnel operating from cyclone shelters during an emergency. We also provide operators for organisations such as the Red Cross.

DARC is affiliated with the 

Wireless Institute of Australia

 and has about 40 active members.

There are dozens of other radio operators operating throughout the Territory who interact on occasions - for example, when there are emergency warnings, they are able to activate radio links and share information.

The Darwin Amateur Radio Club

is one of the oldest clubs in Darwin. It provides emergency radio communication in times of need, as well as flexible communication networks for major social and sporting events throughout the Territory. The club is the agency through which Territorians can gain their amateur radio licences.

Want to Learn Morse Code?

By Gary Gibson | March 2, 2017

It is a bit odd that since the requirement to pass a Morse code test for an amateur advanced licence was removed there seems to have been a resurgence in interest in it’s use. Another odd observation is that for … Continued

Nothing New Under The Sun

By Gary Gibson | March 2, 2017

It appears that troubles from within the ranks of the WIA is nothing new. See this item from the June Edition of Radio and Hobbies magazine 1946. For Larger Image Click link below Click to View  PDF WIA and Loyalty … Continued

Alinco Power Supply

By VK8RR | February 28, 2017

  The Alinco power supply for amateur radio has been around for a while but this latest model has some extra features. All switch mode power supplies or their harmonics can interfere with some of our bands. It appears to … Continued

Radiation Resistance, SWR and Resonance

By Gary Gibson | February 28, 2017

Radiation resistance is that part of an antenna’s feed point resistance that is caused by the radiation of electromagnetic waves from the antenna, as opposed to loss resistance which generally causes the antenna to heat up. The total of radiation … Continued

Installing new air -con at Knucky Lagoon.

By VK8RR | February 27, 2017

New air-con/new pipes/old wiring and coin machine . VK8RR

Reminder: Annual General Meeting March 1st

By Gary Gibson | February 26, 2017

Don’t forget The AGM this Wednesday evening at 19:00 Notice of Annual General Meeting

What is Return Loss?

By Gary Gibson | February 23, 2017

In telecommunications, return loss is the loss of power in the signal returned/reflected by a discontinuity in a transmission line. This discontinuity can be a mismatch with the terminating load or with a device inserted in the line. It is … Continued

VI8BOD Station

By Gary Gibson | February 18, 2017

The portable station set up at the old Qantas Hanger getting ready for a weekend of operation of the commemorative call sign VI8BOD The station has dipoles on 40 20 and 15 meters as well  a rotate able tri-band beam … Continued

How Much Power gets Lost due to SWR?

By Gary Gibson | February 16, 2017

Reflected power is not necessarily lost power My Radio has reduced power because my antenna has an S.W.R. of 2.5 : 1 If I use an antenna tuner in the shack to keep my transmitter happy, how much power will … Continued

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