NEWSWEST Amateur Radio News

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Another great place to get Amateur Radio News
The NewsWest broadcast happens every Sunday morning at 0930 WST following the 0900 National News.  The news is transmitted through the linked repeater network, originating on VK6RAP 146.700,  and various HF frequencies. We encourage you strongly to listen in on air, and give your callsign at the end of the transmission as a ‘callback’. This gives the Newswest team an idea on audience numbers, which are also reported back to the WIA. The National News and NewsWest are repeated from 1900 WST on Sunday evenings.
For those unable to listen to the aired broadcast, an mp3 version of the news is available for download.
The NewsWest team currently consists of: Bob VK6POP, Onno VK6FLAB, Roy VK6XV, Andrew VK6AS and Glynn VK6PAW.
This News is not compiled by the Federal WIA and may at times give a slightly different point of view to some Hot Issues.