Want to Learn Morse Code?

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It is a bit odd that since the requirement to pass a Morse code test for an amateur advanced licence was removed there seems to have been a resurgence in interest in it’s use.
Another odd observation is that for many of the operators on the VHF bands chasing DX the requirement to be able to identify beacons sending Morse idents seems important, however many of these operators ended up on the VHF bands because they were initially restricted to these bands due to their lack of ability to read Morse code.
Learning Morse code is not all that difficult it simply needs practice and thanks to some software written by Gary Bold ZL1AN learning the code has been made even easier.

I have to admit for years I struggled to be able to read high speed Morse, but within a month of using ZL1AN’s software I was able to make dramatic improvements to my receiving ability.

With Gary’s permission here is a link to his site where his software can be downloaded


Another link to the NZART site where an earlier version is also available.


In Gary Bold’s words “I didn’t write this page myself, it was provided by Fred, ZL2AMJ, hence it’s a bit wild-eyed and over-enthusiastic.  It’s also a fossil!  We no longer have any Morse tests in ZL, they were stopped over a decade ago.  The exam now consists only of multiple-choice questions, and is offered on demand by designated testers around New Zealand.

You’ll see that the test you’ve referenced is very draconian.  It was modelled on the tests given by the NZ Post Office to their telegraph operators – in the days when we still sent telegrams by Morse.  I and others spent some time and much effort getting this test abolished, since it was just keeping candidates out of the Ham ranks.  Candidates can still apply for a test if they want one, in order to get a nice certificate to hang on their wall.  But nobody has applied for a few years.”