10m Beacon received from Spain

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Ramon EA3TI posted a YouTube clip of his IC-7300 receiving the club beacon on 10m. Good to hear it from the other side of the world! Thanks for letting us know about it Ramon!   Cheers

New Location for Weekly catch up

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Tea, Coffee and maybe even some AR related commentary! 10AM until about 1PM each Thursday morning at the 97.7FM Radio studio (downstairs) located at 44 Dripstone Rd, Casuarina.  (This is to the right of Casuarina Baptist Church) Visitors are very … Continued

DARC and Environmental Sustainability

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Yes, the World Solar Challenge is on once more! And they needed our help. The Cambridge University Eco Racing team required two Raspberry Pi Zeros, but where were they going to find them in Darwin?  Yes, that’s correct, DARC naturally!  … Continued

FT4 beta release

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Phil VK8VWA reports that there is a new mode out called FT4. It’s currently beta release. It’s a contesting version of FT8 with a 6 second T/R sequence. It will be interesting to see if it overtakes FT8.   More … Continued