Fitting PL259 connectors to RG6 Coax.

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If you are going to use RG6 cable for an Amateur Radio installation you would be best advised not to use the standard “F” connector.

The F connector makes a good low loss connector for receiving but is not suitable for heavier current handling when use for transmitting.

Below is a method I have used to fit PL259 connectors.

You will require a Junior Hacksaw and a crimping tool suitable for RG59 coax and a 5.5mm drill.

Take a standard PL259 reducer suitable for RG58 50 ohm coax place in a vice and drill out the center with the 5.5 mm drill. Now slice the reducer with the Junior hacksaw up to the threaded section, this makes the crimping easier. Remove about 50mm of the outer jacket from the RG6 cable, trim off the braid and slide the foil covered inner through the reducer. Remove the inner insulation from the protruding coax and Crimp using the RG59 crimping tool.

Screw the reducer into the PL259 connector and solder the inner wire.

From the Beldon datasheets RG6 cable has a loss of approx 2.0dB / 30meters at 100MHz comparable to the 1.9dB / 30 meters for RG213 and at a fraction of the cost.

With a 50 Ohm antenna using a 75 ohm transmission line will result in a 1.5:1 Standing wave ratio.

One point to remember the S.W.R. reading obtained on a 50 Ohm S.W.R meter will not be correct when placed on a 75 ohm line, some meters are switchable between 50 and 75 ohms.

If concerned about this mismatch it can easily be remedied by the use of a 75 to 50 ohm transformer your 50 ohm S.W.R. meter will now read correctly if placed on the 50 ohm side of the transformer.

See below for construction of transformer.