Welcome to VK8DA

Darwin Amateur Radio Club

Amateur  radio operators in Darwin form an interesting group who meet regularly to promote the interests of amateur radio and to share technical information and socialise.

Apart from pursuing our own personal interests, members of DARC operate Darwins' emergency radio network which includes personnel operating from cyclone shelters during an emergency. We also provide operators for organisations such as the Red Cross.

DARC is affiliated with the 

Wireless Institute of Australia

 and has about 40 active members.

There are dozens of other radio operators operating throughout the Territory who interact on occasions - for example, when there are emergency warnings, they are able to activate radio links and share information.

The Darwin Amateur Radio Club

is one of the oldest clubs in Darwin. It provides emergency radio communication in times of need, as well as flexible communication networks for major social and sporting events throughout the Territory. The club is the agency through which Territorians can gain their amateur radio licences.

An ARDUINO Iambic Keyer

By Gary Gibson | April 6, 2018

An Iambic Keyer for Practice or for Keying an older rig without a built in Keyer. For Christmas I received as a gift a Bencher Morse Paddle but alas…. my paddle skills are lacking. I decided that I would need … Continued

AGM 2018

By Paula Chappel | March 16, 2018

    The committee for the next 12 months will be: – Chair: VK8BL Brian Bates Vice Chair: VK8BN Gary Gibson Secretary: VK8ZI Paula Chappel Treasurer: VK8RW Ray West Public Officer: VK8VWA Phil Brennan Station Manager: VK8RR Richie Chappel, Committee: … Continued

Notice of AGM

By Paula Chappel | January 26, 2018

DARC inc, will hold the AGM on 7th March 2018. The annual fees are due on 1th January. The fees are the same as other years $25. The next club night will be 7th February. The talk will an update … Continued

Club Christmas lunch

By Paula Chappel | December 17, 2017

Club members and their partners attended a Christmas lunch at the Knucky Lagoon club rooms on Sunday 17 December. It was an enjoyable afternoon with plenty of good conversation and excellent eats..

Club night November 1

By Paula Chappel | October 25, 2017

Australian Ham Radio equipment suppliers

By Gary Gibson | October 24, 2017

Most of us are aware of Strictly Ham http://www.strictlyham.com.au/ As well as Andrews Communications http://www.andrewscom.com.au/amateur-radio  and TET-EMTRON http://www.tetemtron.com.au/ But you May not be aware of TTS Systems http://www.ttssystems.com.au/products/ A company run by Dave VK3JKY and Claureen  VK3KMB they seem to … Continued

80 Meter Shortened Dipole Antenna

By Gary Gibson | July 28, 2017

With the sunspot activity declining and all indications suggesting activity will continue to be low for the next few years it appears the best HF frequency for Local NT coverage will be 80 Meters. Many of us on suburban blocks … Continued

Meeting Wednesday 5th July

By VK8RR | July 1, 2017

This is a reminder that there will be a club meeting this Wednesday 5th July at 7pm    

WIA members Please listen to News West for the 5th March

By Gary Gibson | March 4, 2017

News West has a special election edition broadcast this week sharing contributions from the candidates, explaining how the proxy voting system works and how you can make your voice count. Follow this link http://www.vk6.net/news/

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